Mayor Garcetti turns to YouTube to communicate directly with LAPD officers about contract (updated)

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Mayor Eric Garcetti took a digital detour Thursday, using YouTube to communicate directly with LAPD officers about a one-year contract they voted down two weeks ago. 

The mayor had intended to visit roll call meetings with officers, but the Los Angeles Police Protective League said that amounted to an unfair labor practice. The union signaled it would file a complaint.

"The law is very clear: City officials are prohibited from communicating with employees concerning subjects of ongoing collective bargaining negotiations," union President Tyler Izen said last week. 

On Thursday, the mayor found a way around that by posting a video to YouTube. In the clip, he notes that under the proposed contract, salaries for officers hired during the recession would be increased. Overtime would no longer be given as time off; it would be paid in cash. What Garcetti doesn't mention is that the contract would not provide raises or cost-of-living adjustments.

"The sacrifices you made on overtime were emergency measures -- never intended to be permanent. And I understand the toll these emergency measures have taken. Not just on your pocketbook but on the LAPD as a whole," Garcetti said. 

Two weeks ago, rank and file members of the LAPD rejected the one-year contract. 

"There is a deep-seeded frustration and anger among the rank and file due to their low pay, working conditions, a disciplinary system that is viewed as biased and unfair and their perception that management is unreceptive to their concerns," Izen said in a statement Thursday.

Video: Garcetti addresses the LAPD

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