UCLA flood: Pipe shut off; 6 injured by carbon monoxide (updated)

The rupture in the water main under Sunset Boulevard is visible where the two pipes converge. The other hole in the pipe, at right, is a result of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power attempting to plug the flow of water. DWP expects to have the road patched by Saturday. Benjamin Brayfield/KPCC

Work crews have stopped the last of the water gushing from a 30-inch pipe near the University of California, Los Angeles some 30 hours after it burst.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power spokesman Albert Rodriguez said the pipe was shut off completely at 9 p.m. Wednesday, and repairs are expected to be finished late Friday or early Saturday.

Key updates

At its peak, water was gushing at 75,000 gallons per minute out of the riveted-steel pipe, and by Wednesday afternoon it was still spewing 1,000 gallons an hour, putting out an estimated 20 million gallons overall.

Rodriguez says workers had a giant inflatable plug at the ready to stop the flow, but it wasn't needed.

The break in the 93-year-old pipe left a swath of the UCLA campus including its basketball arena swamped with water.

6 treated for carbon monoxide during UCLA cleanup 

On Wednesday, authorities say six people who were helping clean up UCLA's flooded Pauley Pavilion were being treated for exposure to carbon monoxide.

The arena's court was covered with up to 10 inches of water Tuesday after a 30-inch water main broke nearby and sent water cascading onto campus.

Los Angeles fire spokeswoman Katherine Main says the men were helping pump water out of the home of UCLA's basketball team when they fell ill from generator exhaust Wednesday evening.

Two were taken to the hospital in fair condition and four were treated at the scene. Main says all of them were alert and breathing.

She says the equipment was turned off and the building was aired out.

Correction: An earlier headline listed the wrong shorthand for carbon monoxide. KPCC regrets the error.