Bell scandal: Ex-mayor gets 1 year in jail; 4th council member to be sentenced in corruption case

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A former mayor of the scandal-ridden city of Bell has been sentenced to serve a year in Los Angeles County jail and five years of probation.

Oscar Hernandez was ordered Thursday to pay $241,000 in restitution to the city that was driven close to bankruptcy by a scheme to vastly inflate official salaries.

Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy also ordered Hernandez to perform 1,000 hours of community service, but she suspended a four-year prison term.

Kennedy said the former official never should have even run for office since he couldn't read English and wound up rubber-stamping documents for a corrupt city manager.

Hernandez is the latest in a series of former officials of the small, blue-collar city to be sentenced for corruption-related offenses involving misappropriation of funds.

Here are the sentences received by other ex-Bell officials so far:

Former councilman Victor Bello is scheduled to be sentenced Friday, Aug. 1. 

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