UCLA flood: Pipe break tied to corrosion

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A water-main break that flooded the landmark Pauley Pavilion athletic arena at the University of California, Los Angeles and submerged hundreds of cars was caused by corrosion and structural problems.

The city Department of Water and Power said Tuesday that outdated welding and engineering practices also played a role in the rupture of the nearly century-old riveted steel pipe, which occurred at a Y-shaped juncture installed in 1958.

Agency spokesman Joseph Ramallo says the piping had not been scheduled for replacement and there were no signs of trouble before the break blasted a 15-foot hole in Sunset Boulevard and sent a 30-foot geyser into the air that deluged the adjacent campus.

The break released about 20 million gallons of water. The flood damaged the basketball team's home court, Pauley Pavilion.

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