UCLA Flood: Massive damage to the campus becomes clear 2 weeks later

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It's been two weeks since an estimated 20 million gallons of water gushed from a burst water main on Sunset Boulevard and cascaded onto the UCLA campus in Westwood. And only now is the magnitude of the damage becoming clear.

The entire court of the iconic Pauley Pavilion will be replaced after a water main rupture flooded the building and five other facilities on the UCLA campus. The Pauley repairs come only two years after a $136 million renovation to the building.

There are lots of other repairs that UCLA will need to make. 

Both the Hall of Fame at J.D. Morgan Center and Collins Court in John Wooden Center will also receive new floors. 

CurbedLA also reported that the following will be included in the long list of repairs. 

  • Flooded parking garages will need new fire doors, as well as new electrical and ventilation systems. 
  • The locker rooms, the rock wall and adjacent cardio equipment in the Arthur Ashe Student Health Center and Wellness Center are not functional. The building's basement and one elevator were damaged. 
  • The Acosta Athletic Training Complex is still closed; Curbed reports that interior repairs will be finished in a couple weeks. 
  • Marshall Field has been resodded; Drake Stadium's new running surface doesn't seem to have been affected. 

UCLA previously stated that the Bud Knapp Football Complex and Acosta Athletic Complex will be ready for football season. Pauley Pavilion will be ready for play by the end of October. 

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that repairs continue:

Engineers have declared the garages at lots 4 and 7 to be structurally sound, but fire door, electrical and ventilation systems were all wrecked and must be replaced. UCLA officials say that will happen before the next academic quarter starts, Sept. 29, as classes will start Oct. 4.

The university released a list of damage and repairs, and has had 300 employees working along with contractors to clean up the mess caused by sheets of water as 20 million gallons of city supply flowed through the campus July 29.

Parking garages 4 and 7 remain closed, and all 340 cars trapped inside — with varying degrees of water damage — have been towed to a nearby lot (see photos here).

Was your car damaged in the flood? Here's how to submit a claim. 

You can also donate to this emergency flood relief fund created by the university. 

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