LA Police Commission gives Chief Beck 2nd term

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The Los Angeles Police Commission voted 4 to 1 Tuesday to give current Police Chief Charlie Beck a second five-year term. 

The most senior L.A. Police Commissioner, Robert Saltzman, voted against Beck's reappointment. He said Beck must deal with officer discipline more consistently. Improving transparency and communication were two other areas that need improvement, said Saltzman. 

"I fully respect the chief's authority over discipline but it is our responsibility to assess the chief," said Saltzman. 

In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Beck said he was honored and humbled to be L.A.'s Chief of Police again. He also spoke about lessons learned during the reappointment process.

"The reappointment process was way more difficult than I had anticipated," he said. "...Just like anything that is difficult, it teaches lessons."

Beck said that LAPD's performance throughout his tenure has been "stellar," — "but I learned where we fell short," he said. 

Police Commission President Steve Soboroff credited Beck with record low crime rates and the elimination of a backlog of rape kit assessments. He also said officer moral must be improved to restore trust in the LAPD.

Beck has worked for the LAPD for more than three decades. He succeeded Bill Bratton as chief in 2009, after earning high marks for his work in reforming the Rampart police station after a major scandal within the department. Beck has been an advocate for community policing policies, which were put in place by Bratton.

In January, Beck and Los Angeles city mayor Eric Garcetti announced overall citywide crime fell for the 11th straight year, including violent crime, which is down approximately 39 percent since 2008. Homicides are down 33.2 percent since 2008.

Yet Beck's tenure has come under criticism. Controversies over alleged unfair discipline, the involvement of his department in the purchase of a horse from his daughter, and an investigation into whether top brass has been manipulating crime statistics and the number of patrol cars in the city have plagued him in recent months.

In Tuesday's press conference, Beck said he would be re-prioritizing the goals of the LAPD.

"We have to ensure that everything we do builds that bank of trust in this city," he said. 

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