Made in America festival: Less than two weeks out, negotiations continue over LA concerts

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The big Jay-Z  Made in America festival in downtown Los Angeles is less than two weeks away; but there are still plenty of details to be ironed out about how promoters will reimburse the city and county for a multitude of services.
Kanye West and Imagine Dragons are the headliners for the two days of music in Grand Park. The festival could attract as many as 50,000 people each day. 

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council is expected to sign off on a proposed reimbursement  of $500,000 for city services like police and sanitation. It's unusual for city leaders to agree to a fixed price, prior to an event like this. It can be difficult to accurately predict expenditures.  A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Garcetti has already said concert promoter Live Nation won't pick up the tab if there are cost overruns.​

Meanwhile, a Grand Park spokeswoman told KPCC that Live Nation is still negotiating with the county over a rental fee for the outdoor venue. The two sides also have to decide how much will be paid to off-duty sheriff's deputies to patrol festival grounds.  

Motion before the Los Angeles City Council

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