LA approves $5 million settlement for family of man gunned down by LAPD after car chase

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The family of a National Guard veteran shot to death by LAPD officers after a police pursuit through the streets of downtown Los Angeles last year will receive $5 million under the terms of a settlement approved by the L.A. City Council Wednesday, the L.A. Times reports.

Brian Newt Beaird, 51, was killed after leading authorities on a high-speed chase last December that began in Cudahy and ended at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard and Los Angeles Street when his Corvette collided with another vehicle, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Beaird’s mangled Corvette spun to a rest on the street corner. He tried to pull away, then got out of the vehicle, staggering around to the sidewalk on the passenger side.

He was surrounded by officers with patrol cars from the Newton Division when the gunfire rang out. He died less than an hour later at California Hospital Medical Center, authorities said.

Beaird's family filed a $20 million claim against the city after his death. Police Chief Charlie Beck said at the time that officers fired between 15 and 20 rounds at Beaird during the incident. 

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