Truckers at three companies end LA-Long Beach Port strike; picketing continues against two others

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Organizers say picketing continues against two trucking companies that haul cargo at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, even though truckers from three other companies voted to end their strike.

On Thursday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti helped broker a truce between striking truck drivers, the Teamsters Union and three trucking companies: QTS, LACA Express, and  WinWin Logistics.

The mayor, the Teamsters union and the companies said in a joint statement that the two sides would "continue discussions to resolve outstanding issues."  The statement also announced that the companies agreed to "respect drivers' right to choice with regard to unionization."

The dispute centers on claims that trucking companies have falsely classified truck drivers as independent contractors, rather than full-time employees, causing the truckers to suffer losses in wages and benefits. 

Truck drivers for two companies – Pacer and Harbor Rail Transport – continue to strike, though it is unclear exactly how many drivers have stopped working. 

The Ports of LA and Long Beach are struggling to clear heavy cargo backlogs while a separate labor standoff hangs over 29 ports along the West Coast.  The ILWU, the powerful dockworkers union and multinational shipping lines represented by the Pacific Maritime Association are negotiating a new contract for about 20,000 workers.

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