LA rain: More wet, much colder weather on its way to LA area

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The heavy storm system that hit the L.A. area last Tuesday may get a colder reprise later this week.

The National Weather Service says it's expecting more rain and some snow in the mountains around the region. 

"We have a fairly significant storm system expected into the Southland somewhere around Thursday or Friday of the upcoming week," said NWS meteorologist David Sweet. 

Coastal and inland areas can expect another 1 to 3 inch drenching of rainfall; foothill and mountain areas can expect more like 3 to 5 inches, Sweet said. That will raise flood concerns again in the Colby and Springs fires burn areas, he added.  

The difference this time will be the temperatures, which are likely to drop as the storm approaches. 

 "This particular storm has more cold air, and it will cause snow level to drop to about 4 or 5,000 feet, we believe." Sweet said. 

That could mean snow for the L.A.- area's ski resorts, and tricky driving for those traveling mountain roads in the Santa Clarita and San Bernardino areas.

The National Weather Service is also warning that high tides and dangerous riptides will likely accompany the rains, and could erode SoCal beaches and do damage to piers. 

With contributions from Eric Zassenhaus

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