What have you sacrificed to pay rent? Angelenos tell us

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Affordable rent is hard to find. And many of us are making sacrifices to offset those high costs. 

For years, financial planners' used the 30 percent threshold as a rule of thumb for renters: No more than 30 percent of your gross income should go to rent. But that's not the case for many Angelenos today, with rents higher than they've ever been in SoCal.

We polled Angelenos on what they've sacrificed to pay rent; the answers ranged from forgoing new clothes to losing housing and health care. In all cases, it was apparent that rising rent costs have put the squeeze on the residents of Los Angeles. Their stories are presented below (keep pressing "next" to read through them all.)

What sacrifices have you made to make rent? Do other important necessities — like car payments or health services — take a back seat? Answer this short set of questions or connect with us on social media using the hashtag #myrent. See also our map of median rents and incomes in the region. 

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