Drought quiz: What saves you more water? It may not be what you think

File: View of the nearly-empty Uvas Reservoir and the face of the dam on Feb. 1, 2014. Ian Abbott/Flickr Creative Commons

With California facing one of the worst droughts on the books and new restrictions imposed statewide by the state water board, a lot of us have been thinking about what each of us can do to cut back on water use. 

How much water do you really save by shaving a couple minutes off your showers each day? And what happens when you start including the "water footprint" of products you buy and use every day? It takes about 170 gallons of water to grow one pound of wheat, for instance. So that bone-dry toast you slather with butter in the morning has hidden water costs. So does the butter, for that matter.

We put together a quiz to see if you can figure out which products or routines consume the most water. Keep in mind the figures can vary pretty broadly depending on how the calculations are made and your individual situation. Either way, we hope you discover some new ways to help save water during this "epic drought."