'Real Time with Bill Maher' guests take KPCC's drought quiz

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Are you smarter than actor Zachary Quinto and JPL's senior water scientist Jay Famiglietti? 

To find out, you'll have to take KPCC's drought quiz.

"Real Time" web producer Miles Leicher asked Quinto and Famiglietti the questions backstage at a March taping. The unlikely duo put their minds together rather than answer individually — and it paid off.  They got five out of six right.

Here's how it went down:

Watch people take our drought quiz

When asked which saves more water, buying five less T-shirts per year or converting your lawn to native plants and grasses, Quinto was quick to comment. "I did that," he said of switching to a drought-friendly yard. 

Should you use a water-efficient car wash or put a cover on your pool? Quinto flashed a dirty look to the first notion. Famiglietti explains: "So a water-efficient car wash means they're recycling water, which is really cool. The cover in the pool means that they're limiting the evaporation. So you should do both."

"You should do both," agreed Quinto. 

(The answer: Put the cover on your pool.)

Then Famiglietti spells out what Quinto was thinking: "In an area like Southern California that doesn't have any water, you should just forget about washing your car," he said.

Last but not least: Drink coffee or drink tea? This one was hard. Lots of debate. They got it wrong. Hint: Grab the tea. 

In the end, the duo decides that all of us Angelenos really need to watch our water consumption. "It's a good point to think about the water footprint," concludes Famiglietti.

Thanks to Quinto and Famiglietti for playing along. If you haven't already, go and take that quiz!

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