Mountain Lion P-22 located after leaving Los Feliz home

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After leaving a crawl space under a Los Feliz home in his own time Tuesday morning, famous mountain lion P-22 has been located, according to California Fish and Wildlife.

“We tried to encourage him to come out yesterday and he wasn’t having anything to do with our plans so we left him and things got quiet and we came back and checked early this morning and he was gone,” California Fish and Wildlife Lieutenant Marty Wall told KPCC.


The mountain lion, which California Fish and Wildlife tried to coax out Monday night by launching tennis balls and shooting beanbag rounds, was located via GPS about a mile and a half away in a dark canyon.

The feline was found in Griffith Park, where he normally resides.

P-22 looks “really good” and healthy without a trace of mange, but only let Fish and Wildlife officials see his face, said Wall.

Officials can track P-22 somewhat through radio collars the large feline wears. There are no plans to change how the mountain lion is tracked.

“He’s never caused a problem, he’s never shown any aggression,” said Wall.

After the mountain lion was confirmed gone, the Los Feliz homeowner blocked up the crawl space so the animal can’t return.

There are plenty of deer in the park to keep the mountain lion satisfied, Wall noted.

“He's got food and water  -- the only thing he might want is a girlfriend,” said Wall.

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