3 things Obama should do in Highland Park

A cyclist passes community bicycle repair shop, The Bike Oven in Highland Park, Los Angeles.
A cyclist passes community bicycle repair shop, The Bike Oven in Highland Park, Los Angeles.
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President Obama is scheduled to swing by Highland Park for an interview Friday with comedian Marc Maron as part of Maron's WTF podcast. We asked some local residents to give the president some insider advice on what not to miss while he's in the neighborhood. 

1. Galco's Old World Grocery 

Highland Park resident Madison Hite didn't miss a beat before giving her advice. 

"Galco's soda pop stop is worth stopping at because they have really good sodas and also really gross sodas," she said. "So while they're driving and causing traffic, they can enjoy a ranch dressing-flavored soda pop." 

Founded in 1897 as an Italian grocery store, Galco's shelves are lined with more than 700 exotic flavors of soda.

2. MorYork

Photographer Gaylord Hill is a 30-year resident of the now hipster hamlet. He suggested a little culture. 

"I'll tell you what would be super bad that would blow him away, even as president, if he could get into MorYork," he said. 

"I'm serious, that's one of the baddest galleries you will ever see. You know, the artist is in there and it's packed solid from floor to ceiling with his personal art." 

The gallery hosts shows and special events year-round and has become a staple for up-and-coming artists in Highland Park.

3. The York on York 

After all that art, local Barbara Minnucci recommends a stop at Highland Park's famed York restaurant.   

"He has to go to the York," she said. "Because the York is what put Highland Park on the map. You know, when they opened seven, eight years ago now.” 

In fact, the L-shaped gastropub, which fills up nightly with students from nearby Occidental College, even drew attention from The New York Times, which highlighted the York as a bright spot of Highland Park's cultural revitalization.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Gaylord Hill's profession. KPCC regrets the error.