Heat wave: Hot weather returns to SoCal, minus the record-breaking temps

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Get ready for another heat wave.

Southern California temperatures are expected to rise again beginning Tuesday and should peak on Thursday.

But this heat wave won't be as bad as the one that broke records earlier in August, and the temperatures should ease off again by the end of the weekend, according to Stuart Seto, a specialist with the National Weather Service.

Downtown Los Angeles is expected to hit 90 degrees during the hottest day, dipping slightly to 85 by Sunday, Seto said.

Pasadena is expected to reach 102 degrees Thursday and will drop to around 100 degrees Friday. Areas in the Valley, such as Woodland Hills, will also be 102 degrees Thursday. Beaches will be around the mid-80s, which Seto said was warm for this time of year.

Despite the high temperatures, no records are expected this time, according to Seto. The weather will be "about five or six degrees cooler than the last heat wave," he said.

Still, Seto advised people to stay cautious and visit cooling centers if they need to.

"Take your precautions to protect your pets, the elderly and keep yourself cool," said Seto.

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