Inland Empire gets more warehouses thanks to e-commerce

38364 full
38364 full

The Inland Empire has become the new hot spot for warehouses as e-commerce shipments continue to grow. Moreno Valley recently approved what will be one of the biggest warehouses in the country at 40 million square feet.

John Husing, chief economist for the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, says in his Inland Empire Quarterly Economic Report that e-commerce is growing at a 15 percent compounded rate, which creates a need for facilities to support the products coming in and out of Southern California.  

"You and I and practically everybody we know is buying online," Husing told KPCC. "That enormous increase in e-commerce is backed up by large warehousing facilities where the goods are located." 

The only area that can hold that much demand is the Inland Empire. Husing said the Inland Empire is an ideal region to house the massive buildings that can take up millions of square feet because it has enough undeveloped land to build on.  

Beyond that 40 million square-foot structure, another 9 million square feet are under construction. As long as e-commerce continues to grow, Husing said that he believes the region will continue to see more warehouses being built.

"I think unless you and I are going to quit buying online, it's absolutely where it's going to go," Husing said.

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