How to save electricity during this Southern California heat wave

Stock photo by Colit Poellot via Flickr Creative Commons

Southern California is having another very hot day.  The National Weather Service says Friday will be the hottest day of this week's heat wave, according to the Associated Press.

Steven Greenlee with the California ISO, which oversees the state's power use, offered some tips for during this heat wave:

  • Increase your air conditioning temperature, even a couple of degrees, to save electricity. "Maybe even to around 78 degrees, or even 80 if that's not too warm for them."
  • Turn on some fans. "That'll circulate the air and at least make it feel a little cooler."
  • "Close your drapes on your windows so the sun doesn't shine into your home or apartment, and that way, it won't heat up on the inside."
  • Empty refrigerators work harder, so make sure there's something inside. "If you can put maybe some gallons of water in an empty refrigerator or a near-empty refrigerator, that will hold the coolness, and your refrigerator won't kick on as often."

Greenlee also said that Friday was likely to set a peak power use record.

Temperatures were expected Friday to top 100 in the warmest valleys, and there are heightened concerns about fire danger due to the dry conditions, the AP reports.

The heat created by high pressure aloft will continue into Saturday before a developing trough of low pressure near the West Coast brings a cooling trend and a return of the marine layer, according to the AP.

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