Looking for a job? There's an app for that

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If you're looking for a job, you might as well feel powerful while you do it. 

The Switch and Jobr apps offer the addictive power of the smartphone swipe.  When one of these apps displays a job posting on your screen, you swipe to the right to apply for it or swipe to the left to dis and dismiss it.  

For the job-seeker weary of slogging through tedious on-line applications and wondering "does anybody even see this stuff," the swipes are a refreshing change.

"This is a hot area, and it’s going to stay hot," says Todd Raphael, chief editor of ERE Media, a recruiting information and training firm.

Employers have historically looked for ways to assess job applicants and figure out whether and where they're a good fit, he says.  It's become increasingly important in the tech world, where employers are searching for a specific skill set and a personality that fits into the "culture" of a workplace.

"Very generally speaking, it's the hotter, growth companies, tech heavy companies," that are beginning to use apps to find employees, says Raphael.  "They really are struggling to find people, and they really want to engage people.  They want to use the job application process to show that they’re on top of things."

For the passive and more secretive job-seeker, there's Anthology. Formerly known as "Poachable," it emphasizes privacy and anonymity for those who don't want their job search on the street. 

Coming soon, for younger job seekers with little no work experience but the creative moxie to present themselves in a short video, there's JobSnap

How did you get your gig? We asked our listeners for job search advice; most said it's about in-person networking. Do you agree? What's been your experience? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in comments. 

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