Water agencies may be required to publicly declare seismic risks

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Every five years, urban water providers have to tell the state how reliable their water supply is, but a new law, if signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, would require them to include information about vulnerable their systems are in the event of a a big earthquake.

Historically, water agencies serving 3,000 or more customers have not had to report how their pipes, valves, dams and reservoirs would hold up in a big earthquake.
The state legislature has approved a bill by Sen. Bob Hertzberg that would require water providers  to give details on what parts of their systems would break down in an earthquake. They'd also have to submit a capital improvement plan to reduce those risks.
Those reports are meant to help identify the water systems that could be in line for $510 million in state grants that voters approved as part of last year's $7.5 million Proposition 1 water bond.

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