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Rain expected to arrive in LA area following heatwave

Rain through the windshield in L.A.'s Cypress Park neighborhood.
Rain through the windshield in L.A.'s Cypress Park neighborhood.
John Rabe

Following a heatwave, the Los Angeles area is expected to get some rain this week, according to the National Weather Service.

A 20 percent chance of isolated showers was forecast for the L.A. area for Monday afternoon, with a 50 percent chance of showers this evening into Tuesday morning for the L.A. basin, according to Robbie Munroe, a National Weather Service meteorologist at the Oxnard Station, to KPCC.

“Then heading into Tuesday afternoon or evening into Wednesday morning, we have a slight chance of showers before all that moisture pushes to the east," he said. 

The L.A. area and valleys can expect high temperatures in the low to mid 80s, while beaches can expect close to 80 degrees and high deserts are predicted to be in the mid 80s Monday, Monroe said.

With the arrival of rain, Monroe said there shouldn't be any major water-related hazards to take into account, like flash floods.

“We don’t anticipate any [flash flood warnings] at this point since we don’t anticipate any thunderstorms or heavier precipitation rates, so at this point we are just looking for more showery-type rainfall,” he said. “There could be some minor urban flooding across L.A. County that could be worsened by clogged storm drains and culverts.”

However, since this is the first rain in several months for some areas, Munroe warns that the road may be slippery with oil buildup and advises people to drive carefully, or that drivers should give themselves a little extra space between their cars and others.