Over 50 public pools are open in LA. Get swimming!

130830 full
130830 full

This summer Angelenos will have access to 54 public swimming pools, run by the city’s department of Recreation and Parks. You can find a listing for them at the city and county's websites.

Unfortunately, finding out if they’re open or not, can be a difficult. And on a day as hot as this one, that can be frustrating.

Jerry, a North Hollywood local, was especially disappointed. He came down to the North Hollywood Recreation Center expecting to swim, only to be told by lifeguards that the pool was closed due to a problem with the pool’s chlorine levels.  

“Look at today, over 100 and it’s closed, I even called administration,” he said.

The city plans on opening the North Hollywood pool tomorrow once a mechanical problem is fixed.

The recreation and parks department estimates 45,000 kids will take advantage of their summer programs this year across 187 of their recreation centers. On days like this one, they keep kids indoors and out of the heat.

The city and the county are also providing cooling centers for people looking to avoid being outside during the heat wave.

Van Muse was taking advantage of the center at the North Hollywood Senior Center this afternoon.

“This place was offered to anyone who wanted to get cool,” he said.

Muse said he found out about the cooling center when volunteers approached him while he was sitting in a neighboring park and told him about the facility.

Angelenos looking to get some summer swimming in have until Labor day, when most of the city’s 38 seasonal pools close.

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