Watch trampolinist Logan Dooley transform 10 tricks into an Olympic feat

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There are Olympic events where judging the outcome is straightforward, like the 100-meter dash or soccer. And then there are the more nuanced, even quirky events — like trampoline, which joined the list of Olympic sports in 2000.

Logan Dooley got an early start in the sport by bouncing on his parents' bed when he was 7.

Now 28, Dooley is making his Olympic debut in Rio this year, though he's been an alternate twice before. He spoke with KPCC's Nick Roman about his journey to the Games and what exactly a trampoline routine entails.

Interview Highlights

How did you get into this sport?

I got into the sport — I was 7 years old and I jumped on my parents' bed. I jumped on it until it broke, so for my birthday my parents bought me a backyard trampoline, where I learned some crazy flips and tricks. My mom got really scared, so she went to the local Yellow Pages and found a gymnastics center that taught trampoline as classes for me to be safe, and the rest is history.

I watched a YouTube video of you in competition and what you did sort of reminded me of gymnastics and a little bit of the kind of spins and flips that you would do in competitive diving. Is it a combination of both?

Trampoline is an official discipline of USA Gymnastics, so I am apart of the gymnastics team representing trampoline, so yes, it is like gymnastics. But it is also like diving, except when you have diving you have one trick and you're in the pool. In trampoline, we have to do 10 consecutive tricks in a row, and they all have to be different in different positions and shapes with different twists and flips to make it a variety of skills.

You're 28. You're sort of like the old man compared to some of those people on the team. 

Age is a mindset, I feel like I’m young. Obviously I am on the older end, so as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, I think it’s worth doing.

The men's individual trampoline takes place on Saturday, Aug. 13.

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