Go Olympic time-traveling with LA Metro

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135604 full

Forget DeLorean. For the next few weeks you can time-travel by Metro. This is a very specific continuum, however, one comprised entirely of past Olympic heroes and champions.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Los Angeles 2024 Olympic Candidature Committee have teamed up to celebrate medalists of Olympics past, setting up meet-and-greets with local gold-getters at transit stations throughout the region.

Don’t think your friends will believe you? Those Team USA selfies and autographs should set the record straight. Take that, disappearing photos!

See our interactive map below for the full schedule of who, where and when. Note: The timed portal window for these appearances will always be the same — 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. And some locations require a TAP card to enter.

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