Wanted: Thousands of LA, Orange county general election poll workers

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With fewer than 80 days remaining until the Nov. 8 general election, Los Angeles and Orange county officials are scrambling to find enough volunteers who can handle the large crowds expected at local polling places.

Finding sufficient numbers of poll workers is a perennial issue faced by election officials. But with the high interest in the presidential election, the need for help will be great this year.

L.A. County is working to recruit at least 22,300 helpers and has confirmed a little over 9,600 workers or about 43 percent of its need.  

In Orange County, Registrar Neal Kelley said he’s secured about 1,000 volunteers, but needs another 5,000 or 6,000 to be ready. 

Kelley said the county recently increased its stipend pay to become competitive.

"For being a clerk in the polling place, they’ll get $120, he said. "And, for being an inspector, they’ll get $160, which includes their training."

Poll worker stipends in L.A. County are slightly higher — up to $175 for pre-election training and help on election day. 

During the primary, L.A. County election officials drew criticism after numerous issues arose at the polls. Lack of poll workers counted among the complaints from voters.

Even on primary election day, officials were still recruiting workers at some polling places.

For information on working at a L.A. County polling place, go to the county's election website.

Information on signing up as a poll worker for Orange County is available on the OC website.

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