El Cajon shooting: Police release video showing shooting of black man

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Video footage released Friday of the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in a San Diego suburb shows an officer fired four shots almost immediately after the man suddenly raised both hands and took what was described as a shooting stance.

The video was released after three nights of unruly and, at times, violent protests, and on the eve of a large demonstration called for by the man's family, who had pressured authorities to show the full footage of the fatal encounter.

Warning: The following video contains disturbing content of a violent nature.

Alfred Olango video

In addition to releasing the short cellphone video shot by a worker in a drive-thru window at a Mexican restaurant, authorities also released surveillance footage shot from a similar vantage point.

The surveillance video showed Officer Richard Gonsalves with his weapon drawn approaching Olango, who moves side to side and backs up toward a white pickup truck. The heads of both men are blurred in the video.

Police Chief Jeff Davis said the decision to release the video came out of a concern for public safety after demonstrations had become increasingly violent.

"We hope that any demonstrations will remain peaceful. Again, that was the intention of releasing this video. We really emphasize our desire for peace and calm from this point moving forward," Davis said during the press conference.

Davis showed slides of the vaping device Olango allegedly pointed at officers before he was shot.  

“Video evidence is one piece of the evidence that is out there, but we want to be sure we have every bit of evidence, and should anyone have any of that information we are happy to have them turn that over to the police department,” San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said during the press conference.

On Thursday night a small group of protesters threw rocks, bottles and bricks at police, and one officer was stuck in the head.


Two men, ages 19 and 28, were arrested for failing to end an unlawful assembly, police said.


Alfred Olango, 38, a Ugandan refugee who arrived in the U.S. as a boy, was fatally shot Tuesday by an El Cajon officer responding to dispatches about a mentally unstable man behaving erratically and walking in traffic.

Police said Olango had not obeyed an order to remove a hand from his pants pocket and was fatally shot after he quickly drew an object from the pocket and pointed it at an officer in a "shooting stance," police said. The object was an e-cigarette device.

Police initially released just a single frame from a bystander's video that showed his hands together outstretched at chest level and aiming an object at Gonsalves, who shot four times.

Olango's family and demonstrators demanded to see the full video, saying the single frame was selectively misleading to support the police version of events.

The family declined to see the videos before a news conference, according to the chief who said he did not know why.

The decision to release the witness video and footage from a security camera was welcomed by their lawyer.

"It's about time," attorney Dan Gilleon said.

“Full disclosure to the public builds trust and it demonstrates respect, so we are quite pleased that Chief Davis has decided to take this action," Andre Branch, president of the NAACP's San Diego branch, said.

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