#VoterGamePlan: Save yourself heartache and hassle. Use KPCC's voter guide

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KPCC's Voter Game Plan is designed to lower the stress of voting, from giving you no rant and no slant coverage of the presidential election, to fair stories about the down-ballot races, to clear and concise info about all the statewide propositions and local measures.

Our voter guide is a big part of that plan. It includes a nonpartisan breakdown of all your ballot races and measures. Once you've studied those, you've still got to fill out your ballot. (And it's HUGE!)

We've got your back. Our online voter guide (made with our partner Voter's Edge California) lets you fill out your ballot at your own pace (a little like the drivers ed course you take when you get a speeding ticket or online training for work).

We tried it out with Morning Edition host pro tem Libby Denkmann — a new California voter — and Kristen Lepore, KPCC's project manager of elections. Libby almost had fun doing it. (Listen to the audio player to hear how easy it was.)

Kristen says the key to using our voter guide is its feature, My List, a digital version of your ballot that lets you save your choices and come back to them over time.

Here's how it works. 

First, you'll need to look up your personalized ballot. 

You can do that by entering your street address and zip here:

OK, what does "My List" it look like?


My List is your new election buddy. It will always be in the upper right corner of your personalized ballot. It’ll save your choices and keep a running percentage of how much of your ballot you’ve filled out. That way, you know exactly how much you have left to complete.

And how to I use it? 


  • Save your choices as you peruse the candidates and measures. You can also click on "My List" in the blue box in the upper right corner at any time to see what you've already added.
  • ​Not shown: There will also be a yellow box in the upper right corner that'll guide you through the process. It’s your friend. Listen to it!
  • At any point, you can print, email or clear your list. 
  • If you leave your web browser without sending yourself the URL, it’s OK. It will save on that same browser.

Last-minute tips? 

There’s just under 20 days until the election, which means you can leisurely study one statewide ballot proposition a day (remember, there's 17!). Oh, and check your "My List" link before you’re ready to vote. Is it working? Great! You're good to go. 

Now that you know how our voter guide works, find every thing else you need to vote in our Voter Game Plan

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