LA secures more than $100 million to combat homelessness

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A city and county coalition designed to battle homelessness in Los Angeles just got more than $100 million in renewed grants. It's the largest award L.A. and the County Continuum of Care has received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

The new funding includes $2.6 million for direct services, which was awarded to the county and city's housing authorities.

Local capacity to combat homelessness has also been expanded. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority received $1.25 million to support Continuum of Care efforts and $500,000 to enhance the local homeless management information systems.

The funds are part of $1.95 billion that the Obama Administration awarded to 7,600 homeless assistance programs across the nation, according to a statement from LAHSA.

"The success we've seen in the past few years just really speaks to our federal partners' commitment to fighting homelessness in Los Angeles — and the eventual end of homelessness in Los Angeles," said LAHSA's Josh Decell.

Decell told KPCC many local projects focus on rapid re-housing — and that's why almost all of the funding will go to permanent supportive housing projects.

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