Southern California to see light showers then heavy rainfall this week

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145043 full

Recent storms in Southern California have drenched the drought-stricken region, and there's more to come — a little more rain is expected to hit later this week.

Starting Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning, Los Angeles and Ventura counties will receive up to half an inch of rain, with most of the rainfall in areas like the San Gabriel Mountains, Carol Smith with the National Weather Service told KPCC.

The storm won't be a record-setting one, but it's still pretty solid.

“That’s not really an outrageous amount of precipitation, but we have had rainfall through this past month. It’s been a good rainfall season so far," she said.

In addition to the light showers, temperatures will hover around the low 60s all week. Angelenos will also see plenty of cloudy skies, Smith added.

Heavier rainfall will hit this weekend, from Saturday through Monday. Forecasters still aren't clear where exactly it'll settle, but Smith said it will be a significant event.

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