LA's historic Angels Flight returning to service

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Angels Flight, L.A.'s beloved little railroad, had its cameo in the hit musical "La La Land" and now it's almost ready for its close-up.

The tiny funicular that hauled people 298 feet up and down the city's steep Bunker Hill was shut down in 2013 after a series of safety problems.

At a news conference Wednesday, Mayor Eric Garcetti said those issues are being resolved and the railroad's antique wooden cars should be back in service by Labor Day. The international infrastructure company ACS will take over the railway’s operations, making required safety improvements.

Since it was shut down, fans of the attraction have petitioned to reopen the so-called “World’s Shortest Railroad.”

“Angels Flight is one of the last physical remnants of 19th-century Los Angeles,” Richard Schave, a historic preservationist, told KPCC. “It is this core part of the emotional memory of Los Angeles as a city.”

Angels Flight opened on New Year's Eve 1901, offering rides for a penny to people traveling up and down the hill from their Victorian mansions. Once it reopens, the fare to ride will be $1, according to ACS.

Although closed to the public in recent years, it made a prominent appearance in "La La Land," where Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling rode it.

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