LA city attorney sues owners of 6 crime-infested homes

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In one of the homes in North Hollywood, LAPD has made 18 narcotics related arrests in the past year. 

City attorney Mike Feuer has filed five lawsuits against the owners of six properties across Los Angeles, including single family homes, an apartment building and two motels. Feuer announced the suits in a statement released on Wednesday, stating the properties had long been the sites of rampant criminal activity. 

He alleged they allow drug sales, prostitution, illegal gun possession, and other crimes.

Some injunctions asked for physical changes to the property such as lighting, fencing, and security cameras.

Feuer told KPCC the legal strategy has spurred real changes and not just shuffled crimes to other properties.

"Once we intervene and transform the property people disperse, when that happens we have found sustained levels of safety," he said. "So I have a great deal of faith in the efficacy in this systematic effort to make neighborhoods across Los Angeles safer."

The properties targeted on Wednesday are scattered across the city, from South L.A. to the San Fernando Valley.

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