Protesters give Trump golf course near LA a new look

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Some 200 protesters gathered at President Donald Trump’s golf course near Los Angeles and spread out in the grass to form the word “RESIST!”

A group calling itself “Indivisible San Pedro” organized the demonstration Saturday at a public park nestled within Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Peter Warren, a retired journalist and volunteer with the group, said Indivisible San Pedro is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the Trump campaign and Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections. They’re also urging Trump to release his tax returns.

“This is not a candidate running for president; this is the president of the United States,” said Warren. “He needs to [release his tax returns].”

It took 15 minutes to form the 30-foot-tall letters, after which the group sang “God Bless America.”

Warren says it would have been too hard to spell out “release your taxes,” so they opted for “resist” instead.

He says golf course officials and sheriff’s deputies watched from the clubhouse but didn’t intervene. Warren says the group held their demonstration in the public access area of the golf course.

Warren says this was one of the group’s bigger actions, calling it a “family event.” Kids as young as one-and-a-half participated.

As for organizing strategy, Warren says Indivisible San Pedro aims push people to call their direct representatives on Capitol Hill.

“Don’t call Paul Ryan. Don’t call Mitch McConnell,” said Warren. “You have to talk to your members of congress and tell them: ‘Here’s what I want.'”

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