Update: Crews contain Mandeville Canyon brush fire

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A fire in Mandeville Canyon started by work to clear brush is 95 percent contained, firefighters reported Monday morning.  The fire burned 55 acres near the Getty Center. No injuries or damage to buildings were reported.

More than 158 firefighters responded to the fire reported that started Sunday afternoon. Three water-dropping helicopters helped battle the flames.

Five homes were evacuated early in the incident but there have been no further evacuations. Some people also left voluntarily, Margaret Stewart with the Los Angeles Fire Department told KPCC.

Los Angeles city rules require brush to be cleared 200 feet from buildings. Firefighters said a person or accidentally started the fire while clearing brush with a weed wacker.

“The cause of the fire was accidental, related to weed abatement for proper brush clearance," read a statement from the fire department.

They reminded residents to follow three tips for brush clearance:

  1. Avoid performing brush clearance during peak heat hours
  2. Avoid the use of metal-bladed equipment, which can cause sparks if it hits a rock 
  3. Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby so if a spark does create flames, it can be extinguished immediately

At least a dozen firefighters remain at the fire to monitoring and finish putting it out.  The firefighters expect to completely extinguish the fire Monday.


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