SoCal got a break from the heat — but it won't last long

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While parts of Southern California saw slightly cooler weather Friday, it was merely a respite — so enjoy the relief while you can. Temperatures will start to creep back up over the weekend, the National Weather Service's Stuart Seto told KPCC.

Forecasters predict a 10-degree increase by Sunday, which will be the warmest day. Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles will spike back up into the 80s and into the triple digits in valley regions and the Inland Empire.

And, if it feels warmer than that, it's not just you. 

"Try to stay as cool as you can. We measure all the temperatures in the shade, so if you step out into the sunlight, especially in the afternoon, you're going to feel almost 10 to 15 degrees warmer," Seto said. 

The evenings should stay pretty fresh throughout the weekend — around 60 degrees for most areas. 

Heat advisories will remain in effect for the mountains in L.A. County and the Inland Empire until 9 p.m. Sunday.

Another cool down is expected to stroll in by early next week, with almost normal temperatures.  

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