Hundreds in Hollywood call for an end to the Trump Administration

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Hundreds demonstrated against President Donald Trump in Hollywood Saturday, joining a series of protests organized across the country.

The rally, organized by Refuse Fascism L.A., called for Trump’s administration to be removed from power.

“In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America,” said Michelle Xai, criticizing policies and rhetoric deemed anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim. “We refuse to live in a society where all of these things are happening. That’s why we’re on the streets.”

Hollywood Boulevard was closed at Highland Avenue near Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Dozens of pro-Trump demonstrators confronted attendees of the rally. Protestors on each side chanted, waved signs and pointed fingers, often wearing T-shirts that indicated what side they were on.

Organizers of pro-Trump demonstrators did not return KPCC’s calls. On Facebook, pro-Trump organizers dubbed their rally “Arrest More Liberals at Their Anti-Trump March.”

Rallies appeared peaceful, although steaming video showed at least one person being arrested.  LAPD officials did not respond to KPCC’s requests for details about attendance estimates or arrest numbers.

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