Waiting for your Alfred Angelo dress? It's too late. Or is it?

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Thousands of brides and bridesmaids waiting for their Alfred Angelo dresses are now officially out of luck, as the bankrupt company says it will no longer be able to fill any more back orders. But KPCC is trying to connect out-of-luck customers with women willing to give away old dresses, through #dressmatchmaker on Twitter.

Alfred Angelo's abrupt closure and bankruptcy filing last month sent women across the country and Southern California scrambling for their dresses. Some succeeded, and the firm said in a statement on its website that it has delivered "many dresses and accessories." But it went on to say that "it has now become apparent that the logistical and financial strain of fulfilling each and every open order makes continuing that course of action no longer possible."

Noting that any remaining unfilled orders "shall have to remain unfilled," the statement advises customers how to file a claim for reimbursement.

Some dressmakers are offering discounts to women who never got their Alfred Angelo dresses. They can also peruse #dressmatchmaker on Twitter. Here are some recent offerings:





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