SAG-AFTRA members approve new contracts for film, TV

161199 full
161199 full

SAG-AFTRA members voted Monday to approve new contracts for actors working in theater and television. The new three-year agreements got the OK from 75 percent of voting members, according to the organization.

The total agreement is worth $256 million and includes a 300-percent increase in the residual earnings from streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris says the measures are especially important in the age of online streaming services.

"The members needed and wanted us to deal with new media as we see it," she told KPCC. "Netflix, Amazon – everybody was so concerned with the fact that this emerging market, that is emerging so quickly – that if we did not go and get the kind of rate increases we needed, we would actually struggle in the future."

In a statement, Carteris added, "These gains speak not just to today, but to our future by establishing important new guidelines on travel and options as well as providing meaningful gains for the background community."

Other terms include more money for travel expenses and increased retirement pensions.

The contracts are retroactive to July first and will run until June 2020.


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