50 songs for an eclipse: A KPCC playlist

166870 full
166870 full

If you're looking up on Monday, Aug. 21, 2017 and happen to notice a hole in the sun, don't be alarmed. It's supposed to be there. Between 62 and 63 percent of our fiery friend in the sky will be obscured in the Los Angeles area.

KPCC has you covered with where to view the solar eclipse, and how to watch without blinding yourself. But you also need music for your celestial journey.

This endeavor started as an 84-song epic. Then scaled back to 67. It finally settled on a crisp 50. It should have started with Peter Wolf, "Lights Out," but Spotify doesn't care what I want. Luckily, the video is worth the click.

Oh hey, what's Bonnie Tyler doing to celebrate this big day? She's singing in the middle of the ocean — naturally.

Check back with KPCC for total eclipse coverage from our journalists in Southern California, in Oregon and from NPR reporters across the country.


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