Hate crimes are up in LA

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A new report shows hate crimes in Los Angeles have increased during the first half of the year, including an uptick in violent crimes.

The LAPD reports a 12.6-percent jump over the same period last year.  That translates into 161 cases in 2017 compared with 143 in 2016. 

Cal State San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism released the report.

"We're looking at the third consecutive, year-over-year increase in hate crimes... What I also think is interesting is we saw a 50 percent increase in the most violent types of hate crimes. That's not good," center Director Brian Levin told KPCC.

Levin says big cities with more diversity tend to see increases in hate crimes.

Among the most targeted groups are members of the African American, Jewish and LGBTQ communities. 

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