Record-setting heat wave expected to press SoCal even longer

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Those hoping for a break from the blistering heat baking Southern California aren't going to get one until at least after Labor Day, according to experts and forecasts from the National Weather Service.

For the next several days, temperatures will stay in the mid-90s around much of the Los Angeles basin. The valleys will continue to sizzle, with highs up to 112 degrees. The mountains and deserts will also continue to bake in triple- digit heat.

National Weather Service forecaster Andrew Rorke says SoCal can expect more records to fall. 

"We'll probably set 4 to 5 records every day for the next three or four days as temperatures really are going to be unchanged for the next ... through Saturday," he told KPCC. 

Woodland Hills recently tied its previous record, hitting 112 degrees. The only place you can find relief will be coastal areas, where temperatures will stay in the low to mid-80s. But there's more worrisome news ... experts say another heat wave is likely next week.

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