Las Vegas shooting victims can get financial help from California, Nevada governments

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State Agencies in California and Nevada are urging Californians impacted by the mass shooting in Las Vegas to apply for financial assistance for medical expenses, counseling and other costs.

Both California and Nevada are offering assistance to California residents who were injured or were otherwise affected, as well as surviving family members. About half of the 58 victims who died in the Las Vegas shooting were reportedly California residents or natives.

Julie Nauman with California's Victim Compensation Board says everyone at the event was traumatized.

"And then the aftermath of that, of trying to process, 'what just happened to me.' And so that's why we're making a real effort to try to spread the word throughout California that anyone who was at that event should make an application," Nauman said.

An estimated 22,000 people attended the festival where the shooting occurred.

People can apply on the Victim Compensation Board's website.

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