AirTalk for July 17, 2001


Scores of professionals at the peak of their career become depressed and feel trapped in a job or career path that is no longer gratifying. UCLA Anderson School professor and author Steven Berglas joins Larry Mantle to discuss career burnout and his book Reclaiming the Fire: How Successful People Overcome Burnout (Random House).

National Missile Defense

The debate over missile defense is heating up again after the US successfully completed a missile test over the South Pacific. Is missile defense technology improving? And is it worth the price, both economically and politically? Larry Mantle talks with USC's Edwin Smith, and James Lindsay of the Brookings Institution.

The Work of Salvador Dali

The largest collection of Salvador Dali works ever to be shown in Southern California went on display at UCLA's Ackerman Ballroom. Larry Mantle talks about Dali's work and the controversy surrounding Dali forgeries with collector and art dealer Bruce Hochman.
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