AirTalk for July 25, 2001

Living Organ Donor Transplantation

Larry Mantle talks with two experts in the field of living organ donor transplantation, Dr. Robert Mendez, Professor of Urology and Surgery at USC School of Medicine and President of National Institute of Transplantation, and Dr. Ronald Busittil, Dumont Professor of Transplantation and Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine. They address the latest medical technology surrounding organ donation, the ethics of live organ donation, and the issues both medical and ethical involved with the creation of "transgenic" animals, genetically altered to provide organs for humans. Also, they take a look at global organ donation policies around the world.

Science News

Larry Mantle discusses the latest science news with the editor of Skeptic Magazine and columnist for Scientific American Michael Shermer. Topics include: Stem Cell Research, Science After the Genome, Alternative Genetic Codes, What Is a Clone?, Global Warming, and the Discovery of a Quasar 25 Billion Light Years Away.
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