AirTalk for July 31, 2001

The Davis administration revealed last Friday that it has fired five of its energy consultants because of conflicts of interest involving their official duties and personal finances. These consultants were involved in purchasing electricity for the state from a generator in which they own stock. The law prohibits state officials from participating in decisions involving their personal financial interests. Guest host Terry Anzur speaks with Governor Gray Davis' Political Advisor Gary South and his Press Secretary Steve Maviglio.

Dining Alone

What are the difficulties that solo diners encounter when eating alone? Is there a stigma against the solo diner? What restaurants cater to the solo diner? Guest host Terry Anzur takes calls and talks with the editor and publisher of, Marya Charles Alexander, about the psychology and economic issues that shape the culture of dining alone.

Michael Lewis

Guest host Terry Anzur talks with internationally best-selling author Michael Lewis about his new book, Next: The Future Just Happened (Norton), that examines how tech-savvy teenagers are shaping the future of the Internet.
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