AirTalk for August 1, 2001

Science and the Future

Guest host Michael Shermer talks with three authors about the future of science and the science of predicting the future. Clifford Pickover, author of Dreaming the Future: The Fantastic Story of Prediction (Prometheus Books), tackles the enormous variety of divination methods used throughout the ages to catch a glimpse of the future. Dr. Robert Ehrlich, author of Nine Crazy Ideas in Science: A Few Might Even Be True (Princeton University Press) and Dr. Lee Smolin, author of Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (Basic Books), join Michael Shermer in examining new ideas in science, how sometimes even the craziest ideas turn out to be true as well as what's on the horizon in the area of the current revolution in theories of space and time.
Guest host Michael Shermer and Dr. Michael Barnes, author of Stages of Thought: The Co-Evolution of Religious Thought and Science (Oxford University Press), discuss the perceived conflict between science and religion and examine the role religion plays in an age of intense scientific inquiry and discovery. Dr. James Lewis, author of Odd Gods: New Religions and the Cult Controversy (Prometheus Books), joins the discussion to take a look at how scientific and religious thought has developed in stages throughout history and how the relationship between science and religion might evolve in the future.
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