AirTalk for August 8, 2001

Gas Guzzling SUVs

Last week, before passing the President's energy bill, Congress rejected a proposal to increase the gas mileage of sport utility vehicles, settling instead for a more modest increase in fuel-efficiency standards. Guest host Patt Morrison speaks with Greg Dana, the Vice President for Environmental Affairs at the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Tony Swan, Executive Editor of Car and Driver magazine, and Congressman Henry Waxman.

The Southern California Blood Supply in Jeopardy

Recent reports indicate Southern California's blood supply is at critical lows. Guest host Patt Morrison asks the President of the American Red Cross, Dr. Bernadine Healy, if the reports are accurate.

Pretentious Prose?

A writer for the Atlantic Monthly recently ruffled literary feathers by calling the style of many critically praised authors pretentious and nonsensical. Is this fair? Join guest host Patt Morrison for a discussion about poetic license and modern prose with author and literary critic Jonathan Kirsch, USC English Professor Leo Braudy, and author and UCLA English Professor Carolyn See.
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