AirTalk for August 9, 2001

Gun Laws

In the past decade scores of new gun laws have been passed by federal, state, and local L.A. legislators, but recent actions by U.S. Attorney John Ashcroft cast doubt on the legality of all them. Join guest host Mike Feuer, Chuck Michel, Attorney for the NRA, and Louis Tolley, the Director of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, for a look at the Bush administration's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, and whether it could loosen gun enforcement right here in Los Angeles.


Did you know there is only one playground, west of the Mississippi, that's accessible to disabled children? Did you also know that plenty of money is available to build new playgrounds, but it sits in city coffers because there's no place to build them? Join guest host Mike Feuer for a surprising discussion about playgrounds in Los Angeles with Ellie Oppenheim, the General Manager for L.A.'s Department of Recreation and Parks, and with Catherine Curry-Williams, advocate for disabled children's parks.

L.A. Population Growth

Los Angeles' schools, highways, and infrastructure can barely support the current population. What's being done to accommodate the additional millions who are expected to live here in 25 years? Join guest host Mike Feuer for a look at how we are planning for future population growth in L.A. County.
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