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AirTalk for August 15, 2001

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CA's new Attorney General, the long battle over DAPL at Standing Rock & the politics of Black Republicans

Governor Jerry Brown has appointed Xavier Becerra as California’s next Attorney general – we look at the implications, as well as who will fill Becerra’s seat in the House; North Dakota’s governor has set Dec. 5 as the eviction date for Access Pipeline protesters – we dive into the competing interests and historical context of the land; what is the future of the death penalty in CA?; plus, we analyze the politics of Black Republicans.

What Trump’s Health Secretary pick means for Obamacare, libel lawsuits against the media & the proposed ban on lawyers having sex with clients

Critic of the Affordable Care Act and Georgia Rep. Tom Price is Trump’s pick to lead the Dept. of Health and Human Services – we look at what that means for Obamacare; how libel lawsuits can be weaponized against the media in the age of Trump; plus, the CA State Bar has proposed a ban on lawyers having sex with clients – we debate the proposal.

GOP divided over Trump's next Cabinet pick, Jill Stein raises millions for election recount & the death, legacy of Fidel Castro

Among the names being pushed for Trump's Secretary of State are former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani - both names have generated sharp criticisms in the GOP; the Green Party's Jill Stein reached historic levels of fundraising over the holiday weekend in the demand for voter recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan; we speak on the death and legacy of Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro; and more.

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