AirTalk for August 16, 2001


CityBeat with New Times L.A. columnist Jill Stewart

Orange County Edition

Larry Mantle talks with Chris Reed of the Orange County Register about the latest Orange County news. Topics include: judge's ruling on El Toro initiative; Governor Davis signs bill backing Santa Ana in Tustin Base dispute; Disney's Califorina Mis-Adventure; "Megan's Law" reforms; and, Gaddi Vasquez to the Peace Corp.

Cold Reading Workshops for Actors

Scams or career stepping stones? Larry Mantle speaks with a panel of guests to find out who benefits from cold reading workshops. Guests: Billy DaMota, casting director and founder of; Michael Kostroff, actor; Robin Hubbard, manager of One on One Productions, a casting director workshop; and, Peter Holden, actor.
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