AirTalk for August 21, 2001

Are Americans Vacation Starved?

Many Americans balked when President George W. Bush announced that he would be taking a month off for his vacation. In reality, most workers in other western industrialized nations have as much as two to three times more vacation time than Americans. Larry Mantle takes listener comments about the amount of vacation time given to American workers.

Wildlife Corridors

Southern California has the highest number of threatened corridors of any region in the state. An idea once considered fringe, preserving wildlife corridors is now seen as a vital step in saving Southern California's remaining native ecosystems from collapse. Larry Mantle tackles the subject with South Coast Wildlands Project Director, Kristeen Penrod, Chief of Natural Resources for the State Department of Parks and Recreation, Richard Rayburn, and Associate Professor of Conservation Biology at Northern Arizona University, Paul Beier.
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